My Daily Commitment to Yoga

Although I have been an athlete my entire life, yoga had not been something of particular interest to me. I figured that I stretched every day, so I was doing my own kind of yogic experience.

Well, I must admit that my naive assumptions of a multi-thousand year old practice have changed as of late.

As I mentioned before, I have gone through some interesting turmoil in the family department. The majority of us out there can say we have gone through family muck at some time in our lives, so you might understand the sentiment.

Well, for this certain set of circumstances, the emotions that came with the upheaval were debilitating. Eating, sleeping and enjoying life seemed to have a dark cloud of disbelief hanging over me wherever I went. Having worked with many a healer to help recover from a life-threatening stomach situation, I had stumbled across a few members of the new age healing circle that were truly gifted. One of whom became a good friend.

I decided to lean on my friend during this emotional crisis and asked for her assistance. She happily obliged by offering her guidance, open mind, heart and ear. At the end of our helpful journey of therapy, she offered another piece of advice…to take a class on chakras.

Following her words of wisdom, I took the internet course. It was thought-provoking. It helped me understand a deeper sense of what was going on in my body. It was inspirational in explaining how we can work with our chakras to create a better life.

But there was a side effect that was, for me, even better.

As a gift to students that enroll in the course, the website offers a connection to a variety of people that are collaborating on helping others achieve their own highest potential.

One of the freebies offered was a two week free trial membership with a site called For some reason, this time around the word yoga really caught my interest. The word just simply would not escape my brain. Hiking. Showering. Sleeping. There it was…yoga…

So, I listened to my intuition and signed up. And was so glad that I did. Not only did I immediately identify with the pretty yoga instructor, Tiffany, and her friendly, easy-to-listen-to voice, but she also was expressing a comment that has led me to creating this blog…

Happiness is a practice.

This simple comment helped me in so many different ways. It prodded me to make a commitment to doing yoga daily. This practice has not only opened up my heart, but truly brings an immense sense of joy each time that I do it.

Now, if the issues of my family start to brew over my energy space, I consciously realize that this is my own choice…and I choose happiness.

Thanks to yoga.

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