Easy Meditation: Explaining Binaural Beats and How it Works

Have you heard of  a meditation technique called binaural beats?

Well, if you haven’t tune in to something that is going to change your life in an amazing way…

Here’s a brief explanation given by the creator of Ennora, a great website with an excellent collection of binaural beat meditations that connect you with your highest potential in an easy to use fashion…

Rather than get all technical and dazzle you with mumbo jumbo, we have tried to break things down into a simplified explanation.

To understand how binaural beats retune the brain we need to look at the way frequencies work. Think about the way electrical equipment runs at certain frequencies, well, so does the brain. These frequencies are known as brainwaves and are measured in Hertz (Hz). When the body is in a state of stress or anxiety, the speed of our brainwaves increase, when we relax again the speed decreases. In a nutshell this is how binaural beats work.

When the brain is fully aware it runs at somewhere between 20-200Hz. When the brain is relaxed and in a receptive state – know as the Beta State – brainwaves run at around 20-25Hz. When we are in a deep state of meditation the brain runs at approximately 8-10Hz, known as the Alpha State, and when the body is asleep in a regenerative state the brain runs at approximately 4Hz, known as the Delta State.

Binaural beats tap into the desired state by sending slightly different frequencies to each ear through a stereo signal. The difference between the two frequencies corresponds with the frequency we want to train the brain to. So, as an example, if we send 200Hz to the left ear and 205Hz to the right ear, the brainwaves respond by vibrating at the difference between the two signals, which in this case is 5hz. This is called ‘Frequency Following Response.’

Choosing The Correct Frequency Range

To achieve a particular mind/body state, all you need to do is listen to the correct binaural beats frequency range, as stipulated in the table below.

Delta: 1 ~ 4 Hz = Deep sleep.

Theta: 4 ~ 8 Hz = Good for very deep meditation and intuitive awareness.

Alpha: 8 ~ 14 Hz = Good for relaxation and inner awareness.

Beta: 14 ~ 40 Hz = Fully awake and focused on the outside world.

Gamma: 40 Hz + = High mental activity, fear, stress, high adrenaline.

NOTE: Quality stereo headphones are required for optimum results.

Most binaural beat audio is in the Alpha range, and is used for meditation, spiritual connection, stress release, and to increase concentration. However, if you want a deeper meditation, you can opt for the Theta range, which you will find in our Crystal Clear Mind recording and our God Consciousness recording. Or if you are looking for some revitalization you might want to cross over into the Beta zone with our Chakra Balance recording.

Ennora is now offering an excellent price for their entire line-up of binaural beats collection with their Super Pack. A set of six meditations, this selection of guided meditations will truly take your life to the next positive level.

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